Original Canopy Tour
The original. This tour might be the smallest, but it offers a more personal and tranquillo experience. This tour is great for folks that are a little nervous or want smaller groups. The tour is entirely in cloud forest canopy. It includes a great Tarzan swing and awesome climb through a strangler fig tree. For more information and prices ask the front desk.

Selvatura Canopy Tour
One of the oldest and most trusted canopy tours in the area. This tour has it all: Incredible cloud forest, awesome Tarzan swing, 14 cables, zipping from tree to tree with the longest being 1200 meters and great customer service. A good choice for kids and families. They also offer cool suspension bridges to enjoy after the zip line tour. For pricing and more information ask the front desk.

Sky Trek Canopy Tour
Also one of the first in the area. Sky trek uses a different system than the other canopy companies. Their system travels from towers and platforms not trees but also uses a pulley that does not require you to use your hands to break. There is almost no walking between cables and they have a beautiful gondola to get everyone up the mountain. For more information and prices ask at the front desk.

Aventura Canopy Tour
When it comes to adventure this company has it all. They were the first to add the Tarzan swing. Aventura canopy has a 50 meter tower which is currently the largest and tallest Tarzan swing in the area. Their system consists of 12 cables and a superman cable at the end. Their longest cable is over 1500 meters long the longest in Monteverde. Their forest is not a nice as some but it is a great tour for those seeking adventure. Great service and great adventure. Information and prices are at the front desk.

Extremo Canopy Tour
The newest kid on the block and eager to raise the bar in adventure. They offer two superman cables including one that shoots though a tunnel. Their cables are fun and fast with a total of 13 in the system including on that is 1200 meters long. They currently operate the tallest Bungee Jump in Central America. Similar forest as Aventura but again they make it up with adventure. For more information and pricing ask the front desk


Selvatura and Sky Trek Bridges
Both canopy tours offer bridges. They consist of 5-8 bridges (depending on the company) entirely in Primary cloud forest. Some bridges travel through the canopy or over the canopy. Wonderful 3km walk and a very different perspective on the forest. You can do them separately or in combination with a zip line. For more information and prices talk with someone at the front desk.


Extremo Canopy & Bungee
This is it! The highest bungee jump in the country. Extremo has installed a platform that crosses between two beautiful mountain peaks on a cable system. The result is a jump that is over 145 meters. Great value and a once in a life time experience. Ask at the front desk for more information and prices.


Finca Modelo Rappelling
Fun, fun, fun. Finca Modelo offers a rappelling system down 6 waterfalls the largest being over 75 meters. The tour is guided from above and below. Enjoy getting wet and muddy on this tour. Bring a change of clothes and take some time to swim a little on this beautiful farm. Ask at the front desk for prices and information.


Horse Trek, Finca Martin, Las Brisas
Monteverde is a wonderful place for a horseback ride. Huge vistas, quiet country roads and amazing sunsets. There are several working farms in the area that offer rides for all ages and levels. All the animals are well cared for healthy horses. There are a many choices for riders. For more information and prices ask at the front desk.

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