Cheap flights to Costa Rica from USA

November 15, 2021
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November 15, 2021 Joe Morgan

According to a recent study released by, SJO airport in Costa Rica is the cheapest place to fly in Latin America for 16 of the 50 US states, making cheap flights to Costa Rica from the US readily available.

Costa Rica Flight Deals

We have no connection with Scotts Cheap Flights but it’s a great resource available for those planning a vacation and looking for flight deals. And whilst cheap flights are great and all, they kind of need to be places you actually want to go, and on airlines you actually want to fly on.

So Scott’s Cheap Flights crunched the numbers of all the deals they have sent from every airport in the US to find out which destinations are the cheapest to get to from each state.

Even if you look at which airports across the entire world are the cheapest to fly to from all 50 US states, SJO in Costa Rica is still the cheapest for 6 states (NM, ID, MT, SD, ME, RI), the 2nd most states behind San Juan in Puerto Rico.

International Flight Deals

So if you are thinking about coming to Costa Rica and are looking for cheap flights, keep an eye out and there are plenty of deals to be hand, and paradise awaits.