Costa Rica ranked as 3rd ‘Most Desirable Country’ for tourism

November 13, 2021
Posted in Costa Rica
November 13, 2021 Joe Morgan

Costa Rica, known for its chilled vibe, tropical jungles, beautiful beaches and abundance of wildlife, has been awarded the 3rd ‘Most Desirable Country’ for tourism by Wanderlust Travel Awards.

Wanderlust Travel Awards.

As part of the London Travel Week, the Wanderlust Travel Awards spotlight the industry’s ultimate stars, celebrating the best in travel for the past 20-years. Winners are decided either by an independent panel of expert judges, or by the most serious, passionate-travelers of them all, the Wanderlust readers.

So now Costa Rica is not only one of the most biodiverse countries in the world (accounting for 6% of the world’s biodiversity) but it’s now one of the most desirable countries in the world to visit. 

Mix that with the fact that Costa Rica is ranked the safest country in Central America by the Global Peace Index, we can think of no better place to come on vacation. (But we might be a little bias as we love it here).


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